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• Refrigerated solutions
• Undercounter fridges
• Beverage storage
• Marble slab mixing tables

Sharpline Holdings have been designing and manufacturing custom stainless steel refrigerated solutions in Brisbane since 1999. We can design and manufacture refrigerated solutions for any purpose. We have manufactured custom display fridges for salad, sandwiches, meat display (butchers), fish, sushi, cakes and pastries.


We also custom make line fridges for faster back of house production as well as uniquely shaped undercounter fridges. We also build custom residential units for outdoor areas, kitchens and beverage storage solutions.


All our custom manufactured units can be built for self-contained or remote refrigeration situations. When building a custom refrigerated unit, utilise the best refrigeration technologies suited for the Queensland climate and ensure that all works are performed to the highest standards.  


Sharpline Holdings also design and manufacture stone slab and marble slab ice cream mixing tables with self-contained or remote refrigeration (as used in Cold Rock Ice Creamery), along with custom ice cream and gelato display freezers.

Our custom refrigerated units are proven to offer great efficiency, quality, innovation and performance.

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