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If you are interested in requesting a quotation for an extraction canopy or system, please fill out the form below to assist us in putting together pricing for you.

Sharpline Holdings is one of Australia’s leading commercial kitchen exhaust hood manufacturers and installation companies. Our factory and manufacturing facility is based in Brisbane. We pride ourselves in offering the best performance to price solutions available to our clients.


With over 25 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing commercial kitchen exhaust canopies, Sharpline Holdings has the experience you can count on.


An exhaust canopy and extraction system can be one of the bigger investments you make in a commercial kitchen.



Getting the right design first time is imperative to the operational needs of your kitchen. Getting it right means that the chefs and staff get a compliant and healthy working environment. There is nothing worse than a hot kitchen full of smoke and grease. Getting it done right and properly the first-time round is imperative- as poorly designed systems, and systems not fit for purpose may not be able to be rectified or upgraded, and modifications prove to be very costly.


Commercial kitchen exhaust canopies and extraction systems in Australia are required to meet a code of compliance. To meet this compliance, we must adhere to the Australian Standard, local council Health Authority and Food Health Fitout Guides. To achieve compliance we must capture heat, odour, smoke, and grease, treat effluent and manage odour nuisance which is created from commercial cooking and dishwashing equipment.  Here at Sharpline we will design, construct, install, test, and certify your commercial kitchen exhaust canopy is accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Standards 1668.2 2012 – mechanical ventilation in buildings, the Building Code of Australia, and your site-specific requirements. AS1668.1-2015 - The use of ventilation and air conditioning in buildings Fire and smoke in buildings. Ductwork is constructed to AS 4254-2012and AS 1530.4. We also use VDI 2052 for engineered systems and filtration compliance to UL1046 filter compliance.


The initial system design is imperative in meeting the requirements of your site.  No two sites are the same, and no two exhaust systems are the same. At Sharpline every canopy built by us, is custom designed to meet your site’s requirements and cooking processes. We can design manufacture and install systems for cafés, right up to high volume mass production facilities and all kitchens in between. We have certified systems that meet the requirements for low level discharge- of noise and odour, these sites are becoming more prominent in today’s world of inner city living, where commercial tenancies and apartment living are situated in the same building. Meaning an engineered treatment system is required - Low level discharge systems need to meet the requirements were the EPA act 1994 states that we must assess that any discharge does not create a nuisance.

Exhaust types

We have many different exhaust designs and filtration methods pending the site requirements. From simple wall hung standard canopies through to large island cooking banks to highly complex filter and treatment design systems. We can design and install a system to meet all cooking requirements for standard Gas Cooking, Electric Cooking, Combi Oven Cooking, Condensate/ Steam cooking, Solid Fuel (Charcoal and Wood), Pizza Oven cooking and Production Cooking.



When designing your exhaust canopy, we make sure to give you the right filter system for your application.

Our designs incorporate a wide variety of filters, ranging from the simple Honeycomb filters, S/steel baffle filters, S/steel BCK baffle style filters specifically designed to be separated and washed and able to have a treatment filter installed for high grease capture, Shepherd Filters with removable disposable wool filter sheets and high capture, Veritech FC Filters, Veritech Micron Filters Veritech Twin Micron Filters. The right filter design gives the restaurateur the ability to wash filters in house, in the dishwasher and give them great savings in lieu of a filter exchange system.


We supply and install Ozone generators where applicable for the treatment and breakdown of grease and odour, ESP treatment systems for the treatment and breakdown of grease matter and odour treatment. We use fogging systems for solid fuel merged systems so we can share common ducts were solid fuel needs to be merged into a grease connected system. Some systems will be required to have performance-based solutions and we use a balance of filtration filters and treatment to meet the compliance requirements.


Choosing the right fan for your system is imperative as we need to balance this with the canopy design the ducting parameters and static filter pressures and noise DBA requirements. We buy these through reputable suppliers in Australia such as Fantech Air Design, Eco Dynamic fans and CFM Fans who manufacture the fans in Australia. We also have available access to spare parts and motor replacements if your exhaust system fan fails.

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